[OSM-dev] Automated tracing (expanding scanaerial)

Komяpa me at komzpa.net
Tue Dec 2 09:38:59 UTC 2014

Scanaerial (a fork of Fuzzer) can't work with detailed data sources - it
analyzes changes in color, and it changes too fast on highly detailed data
sources. (Think 'Fuzzy select' from Photoshop-like apps).

You can change data URL in scanaerial config to any other WMS service, and
there are ways to make it work with Bing. Results are worse than with
landsat that was prepared for automated deciphering.

It's impossible to make it all better without major rewrite, and that has
to be done by someone with expertize in computer vision.
Tue Dec 02 2014 at 12:25:13, Mateusz Konieczny <matkoniecz at gmail.com>:

> Has anybody attempted to expand scanaerial to include support for other
> data sources?
> For example vastly more detailed sources like Bing?
> Is there some reason that makes it hard/impossible/illegal or is it just
> "nobody had
> time to do it"?
> Scanaerial is impressive, but due to extremely low resolution of Landsat
> it is useful only
> for mapping Siberia and other remote regions where big water areas are
> still not mapped.
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