[OSM-dev] Chinese spam diaries, an analysis

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 16:25:43 UTC 2014

2014-12-03 17:14 GMT+01:00 Andy Allan <gravitystorm at gmail.com>:

> Thanks for the analysis, I hope it provides developers with ideas for
> combatting it via the automated spam filters that we already have[1].
> However, spam is an arms race, and I think we might need a different
> long-term approach. I know in the past using 3rd-party spam filtering
> services was too expensive (and not really very OSM-ish either).
> Perhaps we need a new set of human content moderators on the site, say
> 40-80 people with a variety of languages between them. We can consider
> grey-listing all accounts - i.e. the first few posts of every account
> is held for review automatically by default, and enable direct posting
> after we're more certain they aren't a spammer.

maybe we could have a crowd-sourced approach and introduce a "spam"-flag
that logged-in users could set, i.e. another button in the "comment",
"reply" line which says something like "flag as spam", with a counter, and
if more than x people have clicked on it we would automatically or manually
hide/delete the post. This should work similar to our stackexchange-like
helpsystem (you can flag or unflag with the same button).

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