[OSM-dev] Release openstreetmap-carto v2.25.0

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Thu Dec 11 15:34:26 UTC 2014

Andy Allan <gravitystorm at gmail.com> wrote:

> So I pose a question that's most pressing on my mind - should the
> other maintainers be merging PRs without me reviewing them first? Will
> this lead to a better result?

Hm, with osmarender we already had something like this in the past. Back
then I always hoped that I did not break anything when doing a commit to
openstreetmap svn because it went live automatically on the next update of
tiles at home.

It has arguably always been more ugly than even the mapnik style of that time, but it
but tended to be some kind of an "all in one" Open-street-map.

So probably we should fork and go for two different styles with a different
maintainer model again.

BTW, I'm also still looking for a less annoying way to maintain the german
style which is basically a fork of your style starting from various versions.


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