[OSM-dev] Documentation Improvement

Vanya Jauhal vanyajauhal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 10:31:10 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone

I'm Vanya, from India. I'm interested in contributing to the OSM
documentation as a part of the OPW project. I have been in touch with Kate,
and with her help, been able to understand the OSM documentation better.

As Kate mentioned, the beginner's guide could be updated. Also, all
beginners currently have to start with the OSM tasking manager. So I plan
to start working on that.

I have gone through several other open source project documentations;
notably Django, QT, PHP, PostgreSQL among others; and have other ideas as
to how the OSM documentation can be made more beginner friendly. I have
listed my ideas as follows, and would love to hear your feedback on it:

1. The OSM beginner's page can have an FAQ section, where we can add some
common issues faced by users and their solutions.

2.Adding user comments to the documentation. Postgre , PHP and a lot of
other open source projects allow users to comment below the official pages
detailing their own use cases, issues faced and the solutions found. This
might be a good idea and will help our community grow. We can let the
reader decide whether the user comments are displayed or not.

I'm very excited to be a part of this community and hope I can make
significant contributions to it. Any feedback from you all will be very

Thank you
Vanya Jauhal
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