[OSM-dev] Tool to offset element IDs

martin=mjcross geocaching at crossleys.biz
Sat Oct 25 13:10:00 UTC 2014

Greetings all -

I've written a tool to offset the element IDs of nodes, ways and 
relations in an OSM xml file. I've coded it as a Python module and I've 
also done a verison in C where more speed is required. The C version is 
coded using a finite state machine to make it very efficient. Both 
implementations are stream based and will handle files of arbitrary size 
with trivial memory usage. I've tested it with v5 and v6 of the API, and 
with 64bit IDs.

I wrote the tool for my own use - I need it in order to merge files 
converted from multiple different shapefile sources that don't have 
unique IDs; but is this of any use to the community? Is this the right 
group to ask?

Happy to post the source code somewhere and release it fully unencumbered.

Krgds, Martin

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