[OSM-dev] Osm2pgsql 0.87.3 release

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu Apr 30 20:41:10 UTC 2015

Osm2pgsql 0.87.3 has been released. This development release primarily fixes
bugs, but some of the bug fixes make other features usable.

Included is a bug fix for the lockfree queue implementation. Anyone using
versions 0.87.0 to 0.87.3-dev, parallel processing, Boost 1.53 or newer, and
not using --without-lockfree should immediately upgrade or stop using 
processing. No data corruption issues have been observed, but the lockfree
implementation may have been buggy on all systems.

There have been various fixes with moving hand-written C structures to C++
standard library equivalents and other code cleanups. The main user-facing
changes are

- The multi-backend should now be functional, with an example which creates
   separate tables for bus nodes, highways, and buildings

- --without-lockfree is no longer needed on OS X, BSD and some Linux
   distributions and architectures. This should simplify downstream build
   scripts for multi-architecture builds and improve speed on any OS that
   required the option before.

- nodecachereader should now work with node IDs > 2^31. This is a separate
   utility program, and obviously isn’t used much

- Nominatim-related performance improvements

- Many autoconf macros have been updated. This should ease configuration on
   non-standard systems.

This may be the last tagged release that does not require C++11. We have no
current PRs which will require C++11, but would be willing to accept them.

A full list of commits is at 

As always, bugs can be raised at 
I’m particularly interested if package maintainers have concerns. If 
isn’t packaged for your OS and you want to do so and have questions 
about the
osm2pgsql side, please ask them too.

Many thanks to those who have contributed code to this and previous 

(diary entry version at 

Paul Norman
On behalf of the osm2pgsql maintainers

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