[OSM-dev] Vespucci Tag presets

hike39 horst at hike.de
Fri Feb 6 10:35:24 UTC 2015


I'm new to this mailing list but I hope that I'll get here some help
concerning Vespucci tag presets.

I've just started to test this application. In general it meets my
requests. Now I tried to add an own tag preset. To produce the
preset.xml file I used the HOT visual tag chooser
(http://visualtags.hotosm.org/). Everything went fine with the creation
and the upload to my smartphone.

But now my questions:

- must that tag preset file downloaded every time, when I start the
application or is it stored somewhere on my device?

- is it possible to reference for the tag icons a local directory?

If this mailing list is not the right platform to discuss this matters,
then please let me know where to place my questions.



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