[OSM-dev] FW: road extraction from satellite image

S Volk svolk2 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 13 17:21:02 UTC 2015

Hi, I'm not a developer, just an active contributor mostly on very undermapped territories.  Do you know if there is an open software/plugin that can assist road extraction (vectorising) from hi-res satellite image to OSM (or even that can extract roads outside OSM that may import to OSM)?  I've been tracing almost 10.000 roads manually since the beggining of my contributions, and thought if there is some way more technological that could save mapper's work for visually assisting on road alignment and classification.  I mean: if a software could provide first an estimative of road tracing as accurate as possible, I could reserve my work for checking and adjusting its alignment where/if it doesn't fit well. Just as I do for manual tracing, since it could be easier and faster to let me run over a vectorised road previously provided by a software more to check in image alignment and doing classification, and improving where it would be necessary (saving contributors work for accuracy control more than zooming in-out + positioning + clicking for every node all manually. For example, I've seen for long that many roads  in OSM in country side of Brazil (where I mostly map) imported by other users years ago from maps of official sources are very out of alignment and thus useless, so that I have to align or redo it as whole, so that if a software can vectorise roads could be much more useful, even if it lefts some impreciosions that I could adjust manually in sequence).   I've read that Microsoft did something for road detection in Bing:  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing_road_detect_API.  I've  downloaded the JOSM plugin provided there and tried to install it, but JOSM can't detect it in the computer. Is that plugin availlable for JOSM? Is there any other open software that can do something like that?  Thank you for any light.  Sérgio (OSMuser:smaprs) svolk2 at hotmail.com

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