[OSM-dev] Tile server and Nominatim setup @ Openstreetmap.org

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 09:45:12 UTC 2015

On 21 October 2015 at 15:39, Stadin, Benjamin
<Benjamin.Stadin at heidelberg-mobil.com> wrote:

> Do you have some details how to accomplish installing the complete stack,
> close to how it works at openstreetmap.org?

The production servers are configured using Chef, and all the chef
cookbooks used are available at


So this will let you find out the actual configurations used! Of
course, the cookbooks are customised for the OSM production
environment so they aren't designed for easy re-use in other
situations, and in many cases it's tricky to figure out what they are
actually doing. But I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware that
the information is available if you are curious!


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