[OSM-dev] generator and version attributes on <changeset> element

Gregor MacLennan gmaclennan at digital-democracy.org
Thu Aug 18 04:48:36 UTC 2016

When creating a changeset, many editors (I think both iD and JOSM do it)
add the attributes `generator` and `version` to the <changeset> element
(not to the <osm> element that wraps the changeset element, which is

e.g. from iD:

   1. <osm>
   2. <changeset version="0.6" generator="iD">
   3. <tag k="created_by" v="iD 1.9.6"/>
   4. <tag k="imagery_used" v="Bing"/>
   5. <tag k="locale" v="es"/>
   6. <tag k="comment" v="diamontare"/>
   7. </changeset>
   8. </osm>

I cannot see any documentation of this on the wiki. How is this information
used, and can it be accessed anywhere?

I ask because I am working on the osm-p2p-server and trying to ensure that
it matches the OSM API 0.6 as closely as possible.

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