[OSM-dev] changes in coastline are not rendered

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Thu Feb 11 07:11:51 UTC 2016

On 09.02.2016 11:21, Oleksiy Muzalyev wrote:
> On the other hand, I am in doubt, - perhaps, people invested a lot of
> time and labor in clicking these hundreds and hundreds of nodes, to make
> a nice looking map, and I am not sure if I am doing the right thing with
> the tool SHIFT+Y (Simplify Way). Maybe this excessive number of nodes is
> negligible for the database and rendering?

This is the reason I suggest against using the simplify functionality. 
Just because some detail level is not to your liking you sort of "tell 
off" those mappers who invested a lot of time putting that details in 
the first place when deleting it.

There are special situations where it can be useful, but in case of 
"hand-drawn" data mostly it is fine to go forward with a handful of 
additional nodes. And don't worry about the size of the data. Those few 
nodes don't do much harm (we have 4 billions already).


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