[OSM-dev] libosmium / spatialindex

Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Mon Jan 18 07:11:15 UTC 2016


I am playing around with QA and for that i am using libosmium to walk
through the pbf files. Simple bugs are easy to do like missing, tags,
tags on wrong objects, broken tag combinations. For node reusage
for areas i used a std::vector<wayid> in a node index which worked

Now i am progressing to more complex checks with spatial relation and
for that i am thinking of writing ways e.g. their geometry and their
tags into a spatial index.

I used libspatialindex for that and wrote myself some code to create a
serialized compressed way (tags/values as variable length integers
and a geos wkb geometry). It works "sort of" but i am dissatisfied by
the code and keep refactoring it over and over which does not make it
more beautiful.

As typically i am not the first to approach stuff like that most likely
somebody else has already done that with libosmium.

So - Does anyone already have a generic Osmium Object Spatial Index
storage at hand that i just overlooked?

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