[OSM-dev] Wanted: OBF file format description

Jesse Phillips jesse.k.phillips at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 01:13:54 UTC 2016

I haven't worked with this format, but I think this file does provide all
the information needed to parse an OBF.


The key here is that the OsmAndStructure message can't be parsed with a
ProtocolBuffer implementation. Most of the fields are fixed at 32 bytes (to
allow for random access). Check the comments to see which fields these are.

I don't know what the OsmAndTileBox is suppose to provide, but it has the
comment "everything is encoded as 31 tile zoom" so that will need to be
part of the utilization of that data.

Other than OsmAndstructure I think everything else is readable through
standard ProtocolBuffers.

This information only really helps for parsing the information,
manipulating it is a completely different mater and requires understanding
how all the elements relate.

Good luck.

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 11:27 AM Bernhard R. Fischer <bf at abenteuerland.at>

> But still, even if it contains protobuf, that does not say anything
> because protobuf is a generic format such us XML. Knowing that something
> is XML does not explain the elements within the file ;)
> Bernhard
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