[OSM-dev] OSM + iD + Nominatim Setup instructions

Stadin, Benjamin Benjamin.Stadin at heidelberg-mobil.com
Sat Jun 4 08:19:25 UTC 2016

But there seem to be some places where the Nominatim URL is hardcoded
instead of using NOMINATIM_URL.

For example:

(That’s a test case, but still why shouldn’t it use a configured URL to
test the actual instance)

Also all locale yamls (though that is less important I’d say):


Am 04.06.16, 08:36 schrieb "Tom Hughes" unter <tom at compton.nu>:

>On 04/06/16 00:54, Stadin, Benjamin wrote:
>> I¹m on a quest to setup an own instance of OSM, altogether with
>> and iD editor. iD should communicate with this very instance of OSM and
>> not with the global OSM website.
>If you install your own copy of the website then the builtin iD should
>do that automatically.
>So really it's only OSM and Nominatim you are setting up.
>Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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