[OSM-dev] editing OSM-files with Java

Jakob Miksch jakob.miksch at posteo.eu
Tue Jun 7 13:29:41 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

I want to edit OSM-files with Java.

I would like to add virtual ways to highway areas in order to allow a 
routing engine to compute routes through such areas. Example: 

So, basically many new nodes and ways will be added and the boundary of 
the area will receive more nodes.

For input and output both the ".osm" and ".osm.pbf" format should be 

Moreover the solution should also work for big datasets (country, 
continent or even planet).
Since just a small share of all features (highway areas make up a share 
of ~1% of all highway features) would be changed, it would probably make 
sense just to edit the OSM-file. Writing the whole OSM-data to another 
file might take more time than necessary.

I already found the "osm4j" library which sounds quite promising 

Do you think this plan sounds feasible, do you have any suggestions for 
the implementation?

Best wishes,

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