[OSM-dev] Simple app for "making contributions" (not to display maps)

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Jun 29 12:33:36 UTC 2016


One could claim that Maps.me is an attempt to make a simple to use
smartphone app for non-technical people to contribute data to OSM. It
doesn't require aerial imagery, nor always-on internet access.


On 29/06/16 14:04, Bjoern Hassler wrote:
> Hi all,
> first post to the list - hope this is of interest.
> The background to my question is working is areas where map coverage is
> poor (e.g. parts of Africa). Sometimes only low-res satellite/bing
> imagery is available, sometimes obscured by clouds. In some low
> populated areas a GPS trace could be useful to map out roads connecting
> settlements (despite inaccuracies of GPS).
> There are many great OSM apps out there, including apps for recording
> traces (e.g. OSM tracker, etc). However, unless I've missed it, I would
> say that none of those apps is suitable for the "non-technical" user.
> Indeed, we've tried using various such apps, and it's been difficult in
> terms of usability.
> Is there interest in (or is anybody working on) creating an very
> simple-to-use app that allows "non-technical" users to contribute OSM
> information? E.g. a large red button for recording a trace with
> automatic upload (optimised for poorly internet connected environments,
> e.g. wait for wifi, upload in chunks etc; information submitted with GPS
> accuracy information).
> (There are of course issues with GPS traces, so perhaps automated
> capture of GPS traces is not that useful.)
> Many thanks!
> Bjoern
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