[OSM-dev] Custom tileset

Amaroussi (OpenStreetMap) mapper at minoa.li
Fri Mar 18 19:57:58 UTC 2016


I thought it may be useful to pitch my idea here, but I plan to develop two custom sets of tile sets that use the standard OSM layer, but with “British” and “Greek” colours respectively. 

Depending on how much technical expertise I require for this, I plan to develop these tile sets in response to demand from the UK community in response the the change of colours recently.

The British tile set will have the old colours before the changeover to the red-yellow scheme, and it initially cover Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland only.

The Greek tile set will have green for motorways, two shades of blue for national roads, red for provincial roads and yellow for other connecting roads to villages, and it will initially cover Greece. This stylesheet reflects the road signs on motorways and national roads, with the rest being based on the old stylesheet.

Other than the change of colour, I plan to make the custom tile set stylesheet a dependency of the main stylesheet, to minimise the need to update them often.

I desire that the tiles update about five minutes after an edit, like the main map, so it does not turn out to be a half-baked alternative.

So, how can I pull off this feat?

Thanks in advance,


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