[OSM-dev] Updated simplified osm2pgsql database dump available

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Tue May 24 19:50:53 UTC 2016

To help with some OpenStreetMap carto development work, I've created a 
dump of the rendering tables with certain features removed, for testing 
at low zoom. This allows someone to load the database if using a machine 
incapable of importing the planet, and the dropped features cut the 
database size in half.

It is available at http://tile.paulnorman.ca/planet-lz-160425.dump but 
before downloading please read the notes below

- Buildings without a name, amenity, shop, or similar tag have been removed

- Residential roads have been removed

- Don't try to download this from your browser, as it is 26GB. If you 
need to check the download, the md5sum is 5c771789b0820b4f7c4f705156633c7f

- The dump has been generated with pg_dump from PostgreSQL 9.4 in the 
pg_dump "custom" format and -Z9. To get 9.4 on Debian or Ubuntu based 
systems, see https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Apt

- The indexes at 
have been added, except with a fillfactor of 100.

- The database is 78GB after loading and index creation. Data only is 56GB.

To restore, do

createdb gis
psql -d gis -c 'create extension postgis;'
pg_restore -d gis -O -j4 planet-lz-160425.dum

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