[OSM-dev] A PostgreSQL extension for real-time simplification of objects in OSM API database

RTOSM DOOPAS rtosmdb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 16:00:08 UTC 2016


I have written a small extension for OSM API database to offer the
functionality of real-time simplification of objects (ways, relations) by
node filtering during the query processing. The idea behind it is as

1. For each spatial object such as way or relation, attach weight value to
each component node by geometric computation.

2. In processing query, only retrieve nodes with the top k weight.

3. Assembly the simplified objects with filtered nodes.

In fact, there are some really complex concepts, algorithms and data
structures in the extension, but the essential idea is that simple.

With this extension, The OSM API database will have the ability to answer
windowing query with arbitrary size by a “top k” operator to limit the
output volume of the results.

The purpose of the extension is to make the OSM API database can serve data
in any scale like the tile server can do.

 The codes in the extension is a bit of preliminary. However, to make the
idea work, Not only the code need to be examined and tested, but also the
database must be “normalized” to take the advantages of this extension.

The code is hosted in github, https://github.com/rtosm/rtosm

The "rtosm" means a database for real-time openstreetmap. Welcome to
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