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Michael Maier Michael.Maier at student.tugraz.at
Thu Nov 24 16:54:00 UTC 2016

On 17/11/16 11:51, Per Eric Rosén wrote:
> Hi!
> I have been making a few maps and applications using OSM data, mostly
> stored in postgis. In all cases, I have had to make custom carto rules /
> database post-processing / application rules to compensate for multiple
> ways of expressing the same information in OSM. Also, in some cases,
> for taking care of which tag implies which information.
> Is there some way of doing this just once; for example with some
> parseable implication database, and library? There is some "implies" on
> the wiki; but it's not completely chine-readable in a reliable way.
> Such a database would probably also need being optionally keyed on
> country, "highway=cycleway" may imply different rules in different
> countries for example.
> Would such a tool/database be useful, if not existing already?

Definitely, I would have needed such a tool a few times already.

> I see two somewhat different usage cases, and I don't know if the same
> tool/database should be used for both:
> 1. normalizing a database before usage, for example changing
>    "highway=ford" to "ford=yes" and moving to modern lifecycle tags
>    (it could be argued that this shoud be done on the main OSM database
>     by a bot, but data consumers could probably have larger or more
>     specific needs of normalization compared to what can be agreed to do
>     by changing the master OSM data)
> 2. getting specific implications without writing it to a database, for
>    example highway=cycleway implies bicycle=yes, foot=yes in country X

I would suggest to start a project to use Wikidata for that:
• create a Wikidata object for every key and for every key=value pair of
• Link them together with
  · subclass_of (P279¹) for key=value to key
  · when two tags are meant for the same objects, set P460²
  · for “implies” I haven't found a property yet, is that possible?
• replace the currently used P1282³ with a new property linking to the
new Wikidata entries for tags

[1] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P279
[2] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P460
[3] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P1282

Who would be willing to join the effort?


> best regards
> Per Eric Rosén
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