[OSM-dev] RFC: OSM data format MIME types

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu Sep 15 03:55:16 UTC 2016

I'm planning on registering MIME types for OSM formats in the vendor 
tree and could use feedback. If you're unfamiliar with registering MIME 
types, https://github.com/mapbox/vector-tile-spec/issues/48 is a 
reasonable overview for a registration that took place with a different 

The obvious type for OSM XML is application/vnd.osm+xml, but there are a 
few unanswered questions

- Is .osc a different type? I'm think yes. Tools that parse one don't 
normally accept the other in its place, they normally have different 
file suffixes, and the top-level XML elements are different.

- Is osc returned from the server a different type from what is 
uploaded? I'm inclined towards no. This is more a matter of selection of 
valid identifiers.

- Where does history fit in

I'm inclined towards

- application/vnd.osm+xml for OSM XML

- application/vnd.osm.osc+xml for OsmChange XML

- application/vnd.osm.osh+xml for historical XML

- application/vnd.osm.osmpbf for current data PBFs. pbf is not a MIME 

- application/vnd.osm.oshpbf for historical PBFs.

- application/vnd.osm.o5m

- application/vnd.osm.o5c

I'm not sure where to slot changeset data into this. Changeset data can 
be present in an OSM XML file alongside other data (e.g. with planet 
dumps) or standalone.

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