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I need a legal advice, not a personal opinion about app design. That we need to show our own logo –we didn’t show it before but showed the OSM attribution text- has a solid legal background, which I won’t go into detail in a public mailing list. That we want to show only one logo on smartphones really has its reason also. We can show both on the iPad and Android tablets. And in our own apps, where we can control content and UI, we credit OSM at multiple places (legal or about page, as well as on the map view itself).


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IMHO mobile devs tend to substantially exaggerate the screen real estate scarcity. Two to three sources as text lines is clearly doable, and you don't really need to have separate links on the main screen itself, just show a common attribution screen.

And: -you- control how much you want to show your logo, it is -not- a third party legal requirement, no reason you can't simply live with some text if you believe there is not enough space.


Am 23.04.2017 um 00:26 schrieb Stadin, Benjamin:
It’s not our app, but this is an (indoor) map SDK which can be integrated into other native iOS and Android apps. A list (UIActionSheet on iOS) appears when our logo is tapped, showing multiple links (including a link to www.openstreetmap.org/copyright<http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright>). Having our logo visible is a legal requirement also, and it wouldn’t be convenient to place the list with multiple legal links not associated to OSM behind the OSM attribution logo or text.

If we need to show two logos it would waste space for navigation controls and building / floor selection UI elements.

Since the map view will be used in other apps, we cannot control what is shown on the splash screen. We can place it there for our own apps, and ask customers of our SDK to place it there. But from experience this is often forgotten, and I’d rather prefer a permanent solution and give credit to OSM one way or another on the map view.


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On 21. Apr 2017, at 12:10, Rory McCann <rory at technomancy.org<mailto:rory at technomancy.org>> wrote:
So I dunno? Maybe? There could be ways around it if you don't want to include it on every map page. Does your app have a loading/spash screen? Including an attribution there, which is shown every time the app is started might meet the requirements.

have you seen this page?

generally, if there is enough space for your logo, there should also be for osm (on pages showing maps). If there's space for just one attribution, why not use it to attribute osm? The user will more likely be aware who you are (as he's using your app) than he will be that your map data comes from osm, so prioritizing OSM attribution seems to make sense



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