[OSM-dev] GSoC API mentoring help needed

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Feb 20 01:04:31 UTC 2017

Much to my surprise, I have 2-4 students issued in my API-related GSoC 
proposals. This is more than one person or even two people can mentor, 
so I'm asking for help. The cgimap-ruby, cgimap read-only support, 
cgimap write support, and make the website use the API

Some of the proposals involve cgimap, and I'm probably the best suited 
to mentor those because I'm one of the three significant cgimap 
contributors. Instead, there's two proposals well suited to someone else.

1. cgimap-ruby

I don't yet have a student interested in this, but I'd like to see if 
one of the ones who has contacted me is. This could use a mentor who has 
dealt with ruby gems before, which I haven't. I have a feeling this part 
of the work isn't enough for a full project, so it could pull in 
something from a different API-related proposal.

2. website from API

This is a project to change parts of the website to call the API instead 
of the database for object information. Good candidate pages would be 
the object browse ones (/node/<id>, etc). There are two different 
technical approaches to this, and depending on which route a student 
takes, the mentor might need different skills. The first of these is to 
do the processing of API results on the server and return HTML to the 
client, like http://osm.mapki.com/history/ does. The second is to do the 
processing of API results on the client with Javascript, like 
http://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history/ does. For the first, the 
student would be reproducing existing HTML output so the mentor would 
need knowledge of ruby and API calls. For the second, client-side 
javascript would be needed, but less ruby.

If you're interested and available to help mentor, please contact me 

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