[OSM-dev] Looking for a server for the map style testing

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Thu Jul 13 00:47:35 UTC 2017


We're almost ready to change how the mid-zoom levels are displayed on 
the default map style - and at the same time to change water color to a 
different shade of blue. See discussion with rendering examples here:


It can have a big impact on how this map looks like, so it's important 
to make live test before. That's why we look for a server to render such 
tiles for some time.

What is needed:

- full planet database (strongly preferable, but some big areas, like 
continents or countries can be useful too)

- tile server with zoom levels z0-z19

- osm-carto "midzoom" git branch

It's just for testing purposes, so:

- no heavy network traffic, huge disk space usage nor heavy system load 
are expected

- it will be needed just for some time (like weeks, not years)

- it don't have to be updated (one database load would be enough)

If you can share such server or need more informations to decide, please 
contact us!

"Like a halo in reverse" [M. Gore]

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