[OSM-dev] Reminder: OpenStreetMap Organisation on transifex

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Jun 8 08:26:24 UTC 2017

Just a reminder to all:

There is an OpenStreetMap organisation entity on transifex (which tends
to be the most popular i18n platform in OSM space) that you can move
your project to. Previously this required re-inviting all translators,
but this in no longer the case making the whole thing a lot easier. If
you move your project you retain control and the only real downside is
that you need to change any links you have pointing to the resp.
transifex projects.

Why would you want to do this?

Besides some soft factors (more exposure to a larger group of
translators and so on), projects in the same organisation can share
translations, making translation both faster and more consistent.


From a licence pov your translations should be licensed CC0 or similar,
given that they will potentially be used by projects with a number of
different, but always open, licences (given that the translation sharing
is at the individual expression level typically, you could argue that
copyright does not apply, but lets not venture in to that kind of
argument) .


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