[OSM-dev] Spatial road network data sets and implementation using API

Andrew Byrd andrew at fastmail.net
Tue Mar 28 07:10:55 UTC 2017

> On 28 Mar 2017, at 14:46, Debajyoti Ghosh <4u.debajyoti at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I need spatial data sets in this format <start node  end node   distance>  for each POIs need <latitude, longitude>

Both types of data are available in OSM. If the (start node, end node, distance) tuples you want are for individual edges in the graph (rather than distances across long sequences of edges), those will not be asymmetric in OSM data. Then length of a way between two intersections is always identical in both directions. However the vehicle permissions or other characteristics may be different in the two directions. If you require asymmetric networks, you will need to load the OSM data into a system that will e.g. allow vehicles to move only in one direction on one-way streets.

> I have to implement my algorithm on real road network data to verify my algorithms- i need 2 things - 1] spatial road network data

OSM is great for that.

>   2] API detail where I can implement my algorithm with minimum effort & then run it with 1]   - So, now, my requirement is clear to you?

If you mean API in the sense of programming API (a set of functions and data types exposed to the programmer by a library) rather than web API (some URLs you can hit to call on remote services) then I’d recommend the open-source routing projects I cited in my previous message. You should be able to load your OSM data into them, then write your own algorithms to search on their existing graph data structures. That would save you re-inventing the wheel and writing all the code to load OSM data into a routable graph.


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