[OSM-dev] Planet file with preprocessed lines/polygons

Christoph Lingg christoph at lingg.eu
Mon May 15 17:11:59 UTC 2017

>> A huge file containing all osm items as geojson would be my dreamcase.
>> Does this exist?
> It could rather be a nightmare. GeoJSON can't be indexed spatially nor by attributes so if you would like to work only on small area of interest or to find just certain features you would still need to parse the whole huge GeoJOSN file.

I agree that GeoJSON is not the format you would like to query your data. I wanted to refer to the way the data is available for download. To put it into other words: instead of raw xml (like now) a precomputed GeoJSON. Packing all OSM objects into a feature collection would be again a night mare as you need a huge amount of RAM. But having one GeoJSON object per line could work much better and would allow the creation of an OSM object stream easily. Without downloading the entire dataset on disk first.


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