[OSM-dev] Live User Statistics

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Nov 25 23:42:43 UTC 2017


  I've long wanted to have something a bit like "show me the way", where
I can have a "live" display of what's happening in OSM. I started
building something at the last hack weekend in Karlsruhe but only now
had the time to make it into something that is not *totally*
embarrassing. A live demo is here:


and the source is here:


I'm sure it has a couple of bugs, and the user interface you see here
(with the bar chart) is by far not the only possible thing; it should be
equally possible to have a line chart with a time axis for the most
active users or so.

The whole enterprise is of course hampered a bit by the minutely
granularity of the diffs; maybe some time we can have experimental
streaming replication (it has been built into Osmosis since forever but
I don't think anybody ever tried it:

Perhaps this gives someone an idea for their own projects. Fork away -
the server doesn't really require any resources so you can easily run it
yourself. (Or build your own frontend and use my API if you want.) It
would also be possible to drop the server altogether and have the
browser request and process the diffs directly. But I thought that with
the millions of people reading this and clicking on the link above, that
could temporarily bring down OSM ;)


PS: The server is in Perl. Sorry. I read it's the most hated programming
language. Hope it doesn't say anything about me.

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