[OSM-dev] Subutai FOSS Contribution Program

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Oct 9 05:17:31 UTC 2017


This should be interesting for OSM-related projects which need some 
hardware base, for example for testing or hosting purposes (I think 
about vector tiles server, which is very resource consuming task).

There's a project called Subutai, which is basically a P2P social cloud 
solution, where you can share virtual machines instead of just files:


Subutai tries to promote open projects in a really bold way (which 
should be less surprising if you know who a Jon “maddog” Hall is, but 


Does anybody here already use this solution and can share his experiences?

"My method is uncertain/ It's a mess but it's working" [F. Apple]

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