[OSM-dev] osmconvert complex-ways breaks some relations

Andrey Novikov novikov at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 12:43:11 UTC 2017

I am creating small map extracts with the help of osmconvert (v 0.8.7) and
have noticed that some(!) large area relations are broken (incomplete) in
data outputs despite I use '--complex-ways' argument. Here is the example:

Test relation is: http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/6193646
If I filter it with osmfilter:

osmfilter --keep="" --keep-relations="@id=6193646" planet.o5m

I get 1900 bytes file with complete relation. But if I further apply the

osmconvert filtered.o5m -b=135.0000,-27.0591,137.8125,-24.5271
--complex-ways -o=extract.o5m

I get 1338 bytes file with some ways missing and resulting in incomplete

Is it a bug or am I missing something?

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