[OSM-dev] Generalisation

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Sun Apr 15 21:36:44 UTC 2018

W dniu 15.04.2018 o 21:54, Frederik Ramm pisze:
> On 04/14/2018 11:18 AM, Tomas Straupis wrote:
>>   As OSM is mature enough to start generalisation (more than
>> "selection" operator), maybe there is some place where such topics (in
>> OSM context) are discussed in English?
> The most likely location for this to be discussed is probably within the
> openstreetmap-carto developer community as they would benefit most from
> such approaches. I don't follow their work closely though so couldn't
> say if the issues have been discussed in the past.

I remember that we in the osm-carto community were mentioning about
generalizations for some time, but it is just loosely scattered here and
there and we've never focused on this. I've heard quite interesting
things about this technique in a Paul Norman's talk from last year (the
exact section is here: https://youtu.be/g2HYYADa8XI?t=1h36s ).

I think it's the best to discuss this topic on the forum, because it's
much broader than any single ticket should contain, and it might be
interesting for rendering other styles too:


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