[OSM-dev] Nodejs programmers?

Svetlana Tkachenko svetlana at members.fsf.org
Thu Aug 2 00:26:11 UTC 2018

Hello all. :)

There is a goal: collaborative editing of markers on a map. Each marker has a title, color, and two long descriptions (a list of URLs in one, and prose in another). It needs to have moderation in the case some people start adding meaningless data. There needs to also be the option to delete markers.

Facilmap provides this but I have not found it to be highly capable of moderation. Perhaps OAuth can be added and a function to block people by their username.

Opened an issue here:

I would be willing to offer a reward for this, or to receive guidance if you would like to show me how to do this; however my time is limited to only about one or two hours per week, so if you are willing to take this task, it would be really appreciated.

I am open to suggestions of other software that does this task more simply also.


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