[OSM-dev] OSM->PostGIS Python tool?

Spencer Gardner spencergardner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 04:54:34 UTC 2018

I'm researching options for a Python-based tool that uses OSM data. From
what I can gather there's no native Python library for OSM imports to a
PostGIS database. (Yes, imposm is developed in Python but there's no
documentation I can find on how to use it as a Python library--it appears
to be intended as a command line tool). This seems odd to me since there's
such a large community of OSM users. I feel like I'm missing something. Are
there other viable Python libraries I'm not aware of? (Viable = large-ish
user base and history of bugfixing.) Is there documentation for using
imposm within Python that I've overlooked?

Bonus points for:
- Windows compatibility
- No external (i.e. non-Python) libraries needed

Thanks for any help!
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