[OSM-dev] Fatal Error

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 31 11:34:14 UTC 2018

Le 31. 07. 18 à 13:01, Leon Boehmer a écrit :
> Currently we are running our own version of overpass. But we are getting 
> this error when we run the apply_to_osc file. Within the reboot.sh file.
> Reading XML file ... finished reading nodes. Version 2 has a later or 
> equal timestamp (2018-07-24T17:12:04Z) than version 3 
> (2018-07-24T17:12:04Z) of Node 2180084868

you may ignore this (it happend when a editor send 2 versions
of the same object with the same timestamp)

> compute_geometry: Node 21157203 used in way 4009269 not found.

this problem can have 2 reasons:
- you do not have a worldwide base and in this case it is normal that a 
capital of a node outside your geographical zone causes this warning 
- your base is corrupt or has missed a diff.
You can try to replay diffs from this timestamp but the most realistic 
is to purge the base and redo the import. this can also happen if you 
mis-initialized the sequence number after the import

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