[OSM-dev] Question Regarding Libosmium

Kyle Frownfelter ksf at fastmail.fm
Sun Jun 10 17:44:33 UTC 2018

> Right. Libosmscout gives offers you most of the functionality to implement
> an offline application that make either use of map drawing, routing or
> location lookups (or all). Above functionality was always possible because
> of the database-like design that allows queries-like requests. Since
> recently there is also a special API for exactly this purpose.

Yeah, I sent my reply to Jochen before I realized everything that libosmscout implements, like Jochen says in the description of libosmium it's meant for data manipulation, not for navigation. Libosmscout does everything that I need for my application. You and Jochen are both amazing programmers and very helpful; I am very grateful for the responses. Tim -- what is this API you speak of?

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