[OSM-dev] OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.12.0

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sun Jun 24 08:31:25 UTC 2018

23. Jun 2018 12:19 by osm at imagico.de <mailto:osm at imagico.de>:

> Fixes for major bugs like here:
> https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/issues/3558 <https://github.com/mapnik/mapnik/issues/3558>
> can take a year.

Well, at least it was fixed. It is much better experience than what I had after reporting

some bugs to Firefox/Libre Office bug trackers or other major projects.

 There are issues with Mapnik but at least project is not dead.

> It is all open source of course so anyone can pick up development but 
> you need to ask yourself if this would be worthwhile of course.  Both 
> the technological and cartographic environment have changed a lot since 
> these programs were originally designed.

What would you recommend for someone starting a new project?

Sorry if I missed recommendations on your page but I found only 
http://www.imagico.de/pov/tutorials_en.php <http://www.imagico.de/pov/tutorials_en.php> and from what I understand it is for 

making images like http://earth.imagico.de/view.php?site=newzealand_whole <http://earth.imagico.de/view.php?site=newzealand_whole>

rather than for making maps.

Recently Mapzen ecosystem looked interesting for me (though 

making maps good from cartographic design viewpoint was not one of

its strength), but I picked poor moment to start with Mapzen :)

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