[OSM-dev] Various types and means of account blocks

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Sep 26 08:43:22 UTC 2018


On 24.09.2018 21:05, tigerfell-688 at tuta.io wrote:
> Well, as outlined in GitHub, these concepts seem to exist already.
> Number 1 would be called "block" (you could still use the forum, I
> guess) and (2) "suspension" (everything hidden).

Yes. The "everything hidden" bit is very confusing though. One example
from the recent past:


There used to be a changeset comment there. The user, and his comment,
were then kicked out. The response to his comment remains, though,
without any apparent motivation.

It would be better to have "(a comment by user X has been removed)" or so.

I guess if someone sets up an account just for adding a spam profile, it
would be ok to remove them without a trace, but once they've
participated in any way (and potentially provoked a response, like
here), you can't really act as if they never existed.


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