[OSM-dev] OSM augmented reality project - affordable hosting recommendations or Overpass?

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Feb 5 09:30:46 UTC 2019


This weekend at FOSDEM I gave a talk on "Hikar", my augmented reality project for walkers/hikers making use of OSM data to show trails and virtual signposts on the device. (see http://www.free-map.org.uk/common/hikar.html for info and screenshots).

At the moment however it only works in Britain, Ireland and Greece due to the constraints of my server. Would be great to get it working in the whole of Europe (I realise the world might be a bit much at this stage!), so I wondered if anyone had any affordable hosting recommendations? Hikar downloads GeoJSON from a server containing OSM data (see below) and caches it on the device.

Basically what I need is an OSM PostGIS database (of the type used for Mapnik rendering) but it only needs to contain highways and selected POIs (as nodes) - nothing else. Ideally I also need PHP with the postgres extension as that is what my service is written in at the moment. However, if the best solution was an environment without PHP, I would be prepared to rewrite in say node.js.

Would be looking for hosting of not much more than approximately £20/EUR 20 per month, perhaps £30/EUR 30 as a maximum.

My current server has 1GB of memory and can just about cope with the areas above, so I suspect for the whole of Europe more memory would be required. Storage requirements for Britain, Ireland and Greece is perhaps (as an estimate) 10GB or a little less.

The same service would also serve OpenTrailView, a recently resurrected project to create a fully FOSS StreetView-type system for walkers and hikers. (see opentrailview.org - _very_ early demo!)

As an alternative, I was wondering how acceptable it would be to use the Overpass API to obtain the data? Downloaded data would be cached on the device so for a given area, data would only need to be downloaded once.



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