[OSM-dev] Stalls on updates with libosmium-based software (osm2pgsql, Nominatim, osmium)

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Wed Mar 27 14:48:54 UTC 2019


this morning a rather large multipolygon relation (9436485) has triggered
a bug in the polygon-creation code in libosmium. The code will end up
in an endless loop when processing the relation. All versions of
libosmium v2.12.2 or larger are affected. We are still busy fixing
the issue.

If you are a consumer of minutely or hourly diffs using libosmium-based
software (osmium, osm2pgsql >= 0.94, Nominatim, etc.) you are likely
affected and will see that updates have stalled. The relation has been
deleted in the meantime. So the recommended workaround is to consume
a combined diff of at least 3 hours to circumvent importing the relation.

Stop any running instance importing a diff with the relation and restart
with a larger diff.

When downloading updates with the pyosmium tools use -s 200 or larger.
When using osmosis, set maxInterval in your configuration.txt to 10800
or larger. For Nominatim set the option CONST_Replication_Max_Diff_size
in your settings/local.php to 200 or larger.

Kind regards


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