[diversity-talk] OSM code of conduct: starting points

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 10:03:08 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Both Jo and Kathleen recently suggested ways forward for us, and they
both placed "code of conduct" as their first suggestion. (Jo also said
"diversity statement".) So I'd like to ask if we can collectively
decide on a good starting point for developing a code of conduct. I
hope it's OK to start a thread specifically for this.

Here I'll aggregate the starting points suggested from Jo and Kathleen's emails:

* Puppet community guidelines:

* QGIS code of conduct plus diversity statement:

* Draft OSM code of conduct (drafted in 2010):

* HOT OSM code of conduct:

* Recommendations from Geekfeminism:

Plus I may have missed out suggestions from others!

My immediate reactions:

I don't think the HOT one is an appropriate starting point, because
it's much more related to formal membership and therefore has loads of
focus on members' and associates' relation to the HOT brand and the
HOT executive. So if it's OK with everyone I'd like to propose we can
save our energy by ignoring that one at least for now.

Second, it's good that we have at least a draft osm code of conduct.
One might want to simply pick that back up again and run with it.
However, in the light of recent conversations it's entirely possible
that the osm draft (since it's from 2010) doesn't address the specific
reasons people are currently requesting a code of conduct. That would
be a reason to start somewhere else. I simply don't know, though.

It's very hard (IMHO) to get a clear overview, given all the recent
conversations, plus the conversations from 2010. Hence I'd be grateful
to hear your perspective, and I hope I haven't missed any obvious
threads of thought!


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