[Diversity-talk] Idea: Quarterly Projects for a traditionally underrepresented topic(s)/groups?

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Mon Mar 26 20:24:21 UTC 2018

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals,

Some OSM groups have "quarterly projects" where they improve the state
of something in OSM in their area, e.g. the UK OSM community once worked
on schools in the UK for a quarter.

How about we do that? Every quarter (3 months) pick some topic,
something that is traditionally underrepresented in OSM, and we try to
improve the state of that in OSM.

There's been lots of legit talk lately about what is and isn't mapped in
OSM, so let's try to map it! There's more than just adding data. We
could also try to improve documentation (written/video), editor presets,
figure out tagging schemes, map rendering, finding data to use, etc. But
we're a geographically spread group, so we can all probably add
something to the map. There are things that aren't mapped in OSM, so
let's map them! 🙂

Any ideas for topics? Off the top of my head: the recently mentioned
amenity=childcare tag, recently mentioned women's health care
facilities, wheelchair accessibility, gay bars, gendered toilets for
trans/gnc/etc people, minority language? HOT/MM is already doing a lot
in areas where the maps are missing 😉. Any more ideas? Nearly all of us
are privileged in some axis, so someone not in that group must be
careful not to tell marginalized people how to map their thing, and
ensure we map it correctly ("The X tag is useless now after all those
diversity people added all that junk!")

What do yous think? Would many be interested in taking part?


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