[Geocoding] Nodes, Tags, and Nominatim (Gazetteer)

Brian Quinion openstreetmap at brian.quinion.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 13:12:17 BST 2010

> In my case, I am looking to add tags that are relevant to the following
> amenities (restaurants, pubs, cafe, fast_food) - tags such as "cuisine" and
> "stars".

Ah, no this isn't going to work for you - this adds new classes of
searchable element.  What you want to do is to add extra details to an
existing element which isn't currently written at all although I have
been thinking about it.

I'd suggest adding an extra 'attributes' column (as a hstore) and a
separate list of extra attributes that you are interested in (possibly
a global list, possibly per amenity=pub tag pair, I wasn't sure yet).
You'll then need to pass that all the way through to the placex table
for it to be available at search time - it's a significant change but
not particularly difficult.

FYI - this is on my list and I hope to get to it some time in the next
month, but if you want to write it now that would be excellent.

Patches always welcome!


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