[OHM] 3 Students Working for a Semester on Historical Map Project

Dennis Meier dennis.meier at epfl.ch
Mon Mar 2 14:38:05 UTC 2015

(Disclaimer: This is a resubmit. The last Mail wasn't accepted by the 
list since I wasn't subscribed)

Hi everyone,

We are 3 students from EPFL (http://epfl.ch/) IT Master Programs. We are 
working this semester on a Digital Humanities Project about the 
evolution of frontiers in the Venice republic. Our predecessor built 
this nice little webapp:

http://veniceatlas.epfl.ch/atlas/timelines/dominio-da-mar/ (you can 
scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the actual map)

Our task would be to improve on this and maybe build something more 
general. For this, we would like to prevent to reinvent the wheel and 
thought about spending our time working on openhistoricalmap.org (OHM) 
instead, e.g.:

* Adding Data about the venice republic to the OHM database
* Documenting this process / improving OHM documentation in general
* Implementing improvements to the OHM UI (e.g. adding a timeline slider)

Our ideal final state would be to have a product similar of that of our 
predecessor (which bases on google maps), but on the open and modifiable 
framework of openhistoricalmap.org, such that following generations of 
students (or anybody actually) could add or improve on our work more easily.

Our questions are the following:

* What are your general thoughts about something like this?
* What would be other possible tasks where both OHM and we as a team 
could profit?
* Who is responsible for the GUI of OHM in general (or the time slider 
in particular) and could be contacted for directions/questions?

Kind regards,
Nicolas, Jan & Dennis

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