[HOT] Status of pre and post quake imagery friendly licenced to OSM for tracing in support of Pak Floods crisis mapping

Fran Boon francisboon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 12:12:35 BST 2010

On 11/08/2010 12:34, Kate Chapman wrote:
> We were talking about doing an integration with a manual step from
> Ushahidi to OSM in Haiti, but nobody has an automated way to do this
> that I'm aware.  The issue is that there isn't a good way to detect if
> a feature exists to prevent duplication.  Making an easy way to go
> from Ushahidi to OSM files could at least allow people to check data
> and import it if it is okay.

That could be done using Sahana Eden - this can read both Ushahidi &
.osm & can write-out .osm.

I set up an instance last night:


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