[HOT] Status of imagery requests

Katie Filbert filbertk at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 15:37:18 BST 2010

What's the status of requests for imagery (e.g. through UNOCHA or other
channels)?  I know Kate and Nicolas are headed to Haiti, so it would be good
if you can keep us informed and ideally have someone else take the lead on

I spent sometime yesterday looking at Digital Globe imagery to see what was
exactly available post-flood (not much) and pre-flood & (dreaming if $ was
no object), what could I get now.  Seems like GeoEye has something for
August 5th, but I think that too is limited.

At this point, I would aim at getting some pre-flood imagery and at least we
could use that to fill in the base map. If we can get some of the limited
post-flood imagery, that of course would be helpful.


Katie Filbert
filbertk at gmail.com
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