[HOT] Details for a article

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Wed Dec 22 20:15:25 GMT 2010

Hi there,

weeks ago I already requested a co-author for a german article of the 
german bureau of protection and disaster-management. unfortunatly nobody 
was able to join :(

So I will proceed to do the work alone, but therefore I would be glad if 
you can give me a few more informations (or write text blocks that I 
will translate to german). So here a few question that show you the 
focus of the text:

- History of HOT, was there any coordinated action before Haiti2010?
- What changed the HOT? In which kind it is better organised?
- I read about a HOT task force during Haiti that came with equipment to 
support the local troops and GIS officers. Are there any further 
- Personaly I would say that Haiti had a peak of volunteered 
informations, could (or why not) it repeated on later disasters?
- Wishlist: What is the HOT looking for? What are problems (on both: OSM 
and authorities)

Are there any hi-res photos that I can send with your persmission to the 

I would be glad if you would support my work :)


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