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HI, you can mention that we worked on the little know albanian flooding, got
help from the giscorps, and our work was used to help with the new flooding
this dec.


2010/12/22 Matthias Meißer <digi_c at arcor.de>

> Hi there,
> weeks ago I already requested a co-author for a german article of the
> german bureau of protection and disaster-management. unfortunatly nobody was
> able to join :(
> So I will proceed to do the work alone, but therefore I would be glad if
> you can give me a few more informations (or write text blocks that I will
> translate to german). So here a few question that show you the focus of the
> text:
> - History of HOT, was there any coordinated action before Haiti2010?
> - What changed the HOT? In which kind it is better organised?
> - I read about a HOT task force during Haiti that came with equipment to
> support the local troops and GIS officers. Are there any further
> informations/photos?
> - Personaly I would say that Haiti had a peak of volunteered informations,
> could (or why not) it repeated on later disasters?
> - Wishlist: What is the HOT looking for? What are problems (on both: OSM
> and authorities)
> Are there any hi-res photos that I can send with your persmission to the
> magazine?
> I would be glad if you would support my work :)
> regards
> Matthias
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