[HOT] Fwd: Invitation to speak at RCUK China workshop, Shanghai, 26-28 September

Tim Waters chippy2005 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 14:55:24 BST 2010

Hi folks,

I've been contacted by Celia Russell from Manchester, there is a
workshop in Shanghai in September 26-28 and they want a speaker to
talk about OSM and development.

Travel and subsistence is provided.

"the workshop is about ICT and international development so they need
be able to talk about openstreetmap in terms of the underlying
technologies/architecture and its potential impact on the developing
world." see attached mails for more info.

I can't make it, neither can Mikel Maron, who was their other choice,
so opening up to see if anyone's interested and available. Harry Wood
has said that he can make it.

They want to arrange this very soon, so if you could get back to me
ASAP, I can give them some names to pick from. There may be bonus
points for experience with UN and Codata, UK or Chinese citizen, but
it's by no means essential.



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From: Celia Russell <celia.russell at manchester.ac.uk>
Date: 28 July 2010 22:39
Subject: Re: Invitation to speak at RCUK China workshop
To: Tim Waters <tim at geothings.net>

Hi Tim,

Thanks for getting back so quickly and offering to contact a potential
speaker. Let me tell you what we need:

- a really good communicator. The working language of the workshop is
Englsh but for most people there englsh will be a second language

- the workshop is about ICT and international development so they need
be able to talk about openstreetmap in terms of the underlying
technologies/architecture and its potential impact on the developing

- someone who can talk about the Haiti mapping as the strand is about
disaster mitigation and environmrntal monitoring

- they need to be on top of their subject, good at answering
unexpected questions and have a general interest in the use of ditigal
technologies to promote development

- someone willing and able to contribute to Roundtale discussion on
the last morning of the workshop on building new international
collaborations on ICT and development

Bonus items: it would even better if they:
- are based at an academic insitution esp if its a UK or Chinese uni
- are Chinese or UK national

if you have any one who you think may fit the bill please could you
give me a ring to discuss tomrrow morning? or give me a phone no and
time and I'll call you.

Also i need to talk to Kamie first as I think he had an alternative
speaker up his sleeve.

thanks celia

Quoting Tim Waters <tim at geothings.net>:

> Hi Celia,
> many thanks for the invitation, - unfortunately, although I'm very
> interested in speaking, it looks like it overlaps in part with the AGI
> Conference at which i'm presenting. Would it be okay for me to ask
> around some of the other members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
> Team, and see if they are available?
> Regards,
> Tim
> On 28 July 2010 17:10, Celia Russell <celia.russell at manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Dear Tim,
>> I am writing to find out whether you would be willing and able to travel to
>> Shanghai to take part in an RCUK workshop looking at how new developments in
>> mapping, e-infrastrutures and data technologies can aid development in the
>> poorest regions of the world.
>> RCUK and the National Natural Science Foundation of China have jointly
>> funded a workshop on the innovative use of technologies to promote good
>> development.  As this stage in this collaboration we are jointly organising
>> a workshop entitled ICT and eKnowldge for The Developing World: how digital
>> technologies can create better lives in Shanghai on the 26-28 September
>> 2010.  The workshop forms part of the UN GAID annual meeting.
>> I am writing to find out whether or not you would be able to attend and make
>> a short presentation at this workshop on openstreetmap and the role it can
>> play in disaster mitigation espcially in the developing world.
>> Kamie Kimitto, who met you at the Open Source GIS event at Nottingham, will
>> be speaking in the same strand.  If you can participate, your travel and
>> subsistence costs will, of course, be covered.
>> I do hope that you will be able to accept this invitation. Apologies for the
>> relatively short notice but we have only just recevied the award
>> letter. Please email or phone me if you wish to discuss this further before
>> deciding. We are aiming to get a draft programme together by the end of this
>> week so a prompt response would be much appreciated.
>> With best wishes
>> Celia
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>> University of Manchester,
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>> Manchester,
>> M13 9PL
>> Tel: 0161 275 0609
>> Email: celia.russell at manchester.ac.uk
>> http://www.mimas.ac.uk
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