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Following the given link, the mentioned attached file for areas of 
interest can be found at :


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response to eruptions and tropical storm AGATHA in Guatemala
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eruptions and tropical storm AGATHA in Guatemala

Dear colleague,

This is to inform you that at the request of the Guatemalan Government 
and on behalf of the World Bank, OOSA has requested the activation of 
the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters and other 
space-based mechanisms in support of relief operations with regard to 
the impacts of the volcanic eruption (Pacaya volcano, 27- 28 May 2010), 
and the impacts related to tropical storm AGATHA (29-30 May, 2010; 
floods, landslides, subsidence).

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala started erupting lava and rocks on 
Thursday, 27 May. Ash has been covering the sourrounding area, including 
the capital Guatemala City. Several thousand persons had to be evacuated 
due to the volcanic eruption. When torrential rainfall set in a few 
hours after, several houses collapsed due to heavy weight of the ash, 
displacing dozens of people.

Aggravating the situation, tropical storm Agatha made landfall in 
Guatemala on Saturday, 29 May. Heavy winds and severe rainfall have led 
to flash floods and landslides in many areas of the country. Close to 
100 fatalities have been reported throughout the region: nearly 30,000 
people are in temporary shelters, and approximately 100.000 people are 
severely affected by the situation in Guatemala.

Please find below the coordinates of the Area of Interest for your 

Upper left: Lat 14° 39’ 38.34” N Long 90° 49‘ 11.09” W
Lower right: Lat 14° 11’ 11.22” N Long 90° 22’ 58.32” W

Upper left: Lat 15° 51’ 17.07” N Long 88° 18‘ 34.29” W
Lower right Lat 15° 11’ 38.11” N Long 88° 13’ 36.03” W

We are including polygons for these two areas in the framework of 
Google-Earth to help you visualize the floodplain of the Motagua basin 
which has been flooded.

As always, the UN-SPIDER SpaceAid Framework welcomes any support you may 
provide in response to this major disaster.

Respective space-based information and contact details will be made 
available at: http://www.un-spider.org/page/3528/guatemalan-disasters.

If you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact 
us at your convenience in: spaceaid at unoosa.org <mailto:spaceaid at unoosa.org>

with best regards,

Juan Carlos Villagran de León
Designated Focal Point for this activation

/(See attached file: Guatemala - AOIs.pdf)/

spaceaid at unoosa.org <mailto:spaceaid at unoosa.org>

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