[HOT] Humanitarian Presets in French (assistance needed)

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Tue Jun 15 23:50:12 BST 2010

Hey All,

One of the requests from our OSM partners in Haiti is to get the
Humanitarian JOSM presets in French.

It would be a big help to us if someone could assist.  The presets are
up in github right now here:

If you are into github the easiest thing would be to fork and edit, if
not github fluent editing the humanitarian_presets_josm.xml and
emailing the file to me would also work.  The key="" information needs
to remain the same, but the information inside text="" and name="" is
what we would like to have translated into French.

Thanks so much, if you, the translator is attending SOTM I owe you a drink:)


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